Interior and furnishing

We offer a huge selection of interior design from leading Italian and other European manufacturers and distributors, with years of experience and impeccable service.

Our goal is for every interior, regardless of size and purpose, to reach its maximum potential.

The main goals of the company are to continue our sustainable development, improvement and expansion of our activity, striving to maximally satisfy the requirements of our partners through high quality and competitive prices.

Our clients are citizens of the Kingdom of Denmark, Norway, England, France, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and more. We also carry out year-round maintenance of the apartments and buildings they have purchased.

A good knowledge of the latest developments in the world of construction technology and materials by our technical staff enables us to ensure maximum efficiency and a long shelf life of our residential and public buildings.

In the construction process we use systems and materials of leading Bulgarian and European companies that have established themselves on the market with their uncompromising quality.


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